Transport Options

Public Transport

Public transport options within in Christchurch city consist of:

  • Christchurch Metro Bus There are some bus services connecting to outer suburb/satellite towns such as Lincoln, Rolleston and Rangiora. Look up Christchurch Bus Maps & Timetables.
  • Electric scooters, whether privately owned or available to the public on a pay-per-ride basis, are frequently used for shorter trips within the city centre (CBD) and suburbs.
  • Uber and taxi services are also available.
  • Many Christchurch residents walk or cycle to and from work and school.

Private Vehicle

Many residents in the wider Christchurch area own private vehicles and find this vehicle ownership to be the option that provides the most reliable access across the city and to the regions. New migrants may find that different driving conditions and rules apply in New Zealand, including driving on the left-hand side of the road. Driving in New Zealand gives an overview for immigrants and visitors about driving in New Zealand. Find what you would need as a new migrant before Driving on New Zealand roads.

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency is the entity for driver and vehicle licensing, and provide other land transport information.

New Zealand Road Code

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Buying a Vehicle

Vehicles to suit most budgets are commonly purchased from car dealers or private owners. Most dealers and private sellers also list their vehicles for sale on TradeMe Motors.

Right Car provides information on vehicle safety ratings and fuel economy.