Employment Opportunities for my Partner

When considering a move to New Zealand, one of the concerns for you and your family could include the future job opportunities for your partner. Partners must ensure they secure a work visa if they intend to work.

To gauge an idea of the types of roles that are available, popular employment sites in New Zealand are:

 Seek - https://www.seek.co.nz/

 Trade Me - https://www.trademe.co.nz/jobs

You can register with these job sites and they will send you alerts for roles that match your skills and experience.

SkillsConnect Canterbury assists newly settled job seekers with employment advice and connections with local businesses. They will meet with you; discuss your previous employment, experience and qualifications, and the type of work that you would like to find in Canterbury. They will then connect you with any suitable employers in the region that are looking for staff with your skills.

The benefit of the programme is that it is FREE for you, and they can help you with:

  • preparing a strong CV/resume (including tailoring it to make it more 'Kiwi')
  • approaching Kiwi employers,
  • understanding local employer expectations,
  • preparing for interviews
  • understanding the New Zealand workplace.                                                                       

If you hold a valid work visa and would like to find out more about this free programme, visit their website: http://www.skillsconnectcanterbury.co.nz