Research & Innovation

The Research & Innovation unit provides end-to-end services which facilitate and support all stages of research and innovation development, from initial funding through to commercialisation, where appropriate. Furthermore it provides support and assistance to the University’s academic staff in their quest for research funding and other support.

The unit is the University’s liaison with funding bodies, industry and business, and oversees all contracts relating to research, consultancy and commercialisation. It also includes matters such as:

• Career planning for research
• Advice on grant writing
• Guidance on Performance Based Research Fund (PBRF) matters

UC Field Stations

The UC Field Stations, situated at the three picturesque locations of Cass, Hari Hari, and Westport were built to provide accommodation and laboratory facilities for University of Canterbury undergraduate field courses, postgraduate and staff research.

Schools, colleges, educational institutes and groups with appropriate educational/natural history interests are encouraged to use the UC Field Stations when they are not used for University of Canterbury courses or research activities. University of Canterbury Staff and enrolled UC Students on research and teaching activities may use Field Station facilities at no charge.