Banking, Insurance & Superannuation

At UC we want to assist you in looking after your money by providing opportunities where you could save money on banking, insurances and superannuation.  

The banking package is available for all UC continuing staff and those on Fixed Term Agreements exceeding two years in duration.


New Zealand Financial Planning Seminars

New Zealand Financial Planning (NZFP) has recognised the growing need for New Zealanders to become more aware and knowledgeable around their personal financial wellbeing.

As a result, NZFP are offering UC Staff the opportunity to attend a range of free seminars. The aim of the seminars is to put practical tools in front of people so they can make informed choices and better understand the options they have to create their financial independence and manage their wealth.

New Zealand Financial Planning (NZFP)

Planning for Retirement Workshops

Retirement should be a time to look forward to, a time when there will be more opportunity to learn different skills, devote more time to hobbies or self development, travel or just relax. One of the most important keys to a happy and comfortable retirement is preparation, which means understanding your options to deal with all the changes you will face in retirement. 

Financial Planning Seminars - staff only

The University of Canterbury values the health and wellbeing of its staff and has a Group Health Insurance Scheme with Southern Cross, a private healthcare group. This is available to all continuing staff members and those on Fixed Term Agreements exceeding two years in duration. The scheme provides discounted premium for you, your spouse and children. If you are interested in joining, or you are an existing Southern Cross member and would like to transfer, see the attached for further information or contact Southern Cross directly and state that you require information (or an appointment) about the University of Canterbury's Group Health Insurance Scheme. Phone: (0800) 800-181.

See this Southern Cross Flyer (PDF) for more information for UC staff.

Mercer Marsh Benefits (Marsh Limited), has introduced a special Voluntary Workplace Insurance Plan available for eligible employees to purchase, at competitive rates and terms.

The Voluntary Workplace Insurance Plan covers include:  

  1. Life Insurance cover
  2. Trauma Insurance cover
  3. Income Protection Insurance cover

Mercer March Benefits - Offers (staff only)

The University of Canterbury is a participating employer of the UniSaver NZ superannuation scheme, which many continuing and fixed term employees are eligible to enrol in. For staff who are eligible for subsidised membership, the University will make contributions to the scheme of up to 6.75%. 

KiwiSaver is also available to employees as a superannuation option. KiwiSaver is a voluntary, work based savings initiative implemented by the New Zealand Government on 1 July 2007 to help New Zealanders with their long term saving for retirement, to which the University contributes an employer contribution as per NZ legislation requirements.  

To learn more about the two superannuation schemes and eligibility criteria visit:

UC staff can donate to a number of selected New Zealand charities through automatic salary deductions.  With Payroll Giving, a 33.33% tax refund is automatically applied to your fortnightly pay, saving you the need to make an annual claim to recoup the tax credit for that donation.  You can still make an annual claim using IR’s tax credit claim form (IR526) for other donations you make outside of your UC pay.  

Payroll Giving at UC - staff only