About the Learning and Teaching teams

Learning and Teaching are split into two teams.

Learning Outcomes

The Learning Outcomes team facilitate the creation of courses in all course-related systems, propagating them to enable the students to engage in learning.

Functional areas supported

  • Curriculum Creation and delivery: online learning, lecture recording, plagiarism checking, timetabling
  • Curriculum Improvement: student-teaching evaluations
  • Academic Administration: course information and course maintenance

Applications supported

The Learning Outcomes team support approximately 23 course-related systems, including:

  • Learn
  • Jade
  • Course Information System (CIS)
  • Syllabus+
  • Echo 360

Student Life Cycle

The student lifecycle team support the systems that are the first point of contact for a prospective student.  Their systems support students through the recruitment and enrolment process and studying until they graduate and become a UC Alumni.

Functional areas supported

  • Student recruitment, admission, enrolment, assessment, and graduation
  • Alumni engagement
  • Student support services

Applications supported

  • Jade
  • Transcripts (My eQuals and Online transcripts)
  • UC student web
  • UCLink (CRM)
  • Graduate Search
  • Alumni (Raisers Edge)