About IT Services:  IT Services Portfolio Governance

IT Portfolio Governance, provides facilitation and support to management decision-makers to ensure that the right projects are undertaken at the right time with the right resources in place and thereby maximising the successful delivery of an achievable IT Services Portfolio Plan. This is determined by managing the key functions of:

  • management control, 
  • value (benefits) management, 
  • financial and risk management,
  • stakeholder engagement
  • organisational governance, and
  • resource management. 

IT Portfolio Governance gathers information and reports on these key functions to support timely decision making, thereby ensuring optimal use of resources to deliver outputs that provide value to UC.

In addition, IT Services Portfolio Governance assists decision makers in prioritising initiatives and projects in alignment with IT Services and UC objectives to ensure that resources, particularly constrained resources, are assigned appropriately to support the successful delivery of the Portfolio Plan.

Functional Areas Supported

  • Portfolio definition
  • Portfolio drafting and delivery plan
  • Maintenance of the portfolio management framework
  • Preparation and maintenance of the portfolio dashboard
  • Risk management coordination
  • Portfolio prioritisation coordination
  • Management of portfolio dependencies and constraints and escalation of issues for resolution
  • Develop portfolio stakeholder engagement and communication plan
  • Maintain portfolio management practices
  • Resource management

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