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25 October 2019

A new password tool and Identity & Access Management platform is going live this weekend

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A new password tool, together with the new Identity & Access Management (IAM) platform, will go live this weekend.

What is happening?

The IAM platform is rplacing the aging and unsupported back end solution of the current IDMS system with the aim to modernise and future proof the IAM solution within UC. This means that the back-end technology will change and a new password tool will be implemented. As a result there will be some technology and process changes for staff, students and visitors.

When is it happening?

The new IAM platform will go live on the weekend of 23 and 24 November.

What does this mean for you?

The upgrade will allow UC to provision accounts and accesses much faster and more accurately than in the past. It also allows UC to integrate with cloud-based solutions in future.

UC staff, students and visitors will use the new password tool to change their password as required.

The new password tool will be accessible via the ITS Website and users will be re-directed to an external site with a url name of

Existing staff, students and visitors can login with their current user code and password and need to enter the following:
• a personal email address (not shared with other systems) – when added you will receive a confirmation email to this address
• a mobile phone number (not shared with other systems),
• and choose a security image

New staff, student and visitors will be sent a welcome email to their nominated private email address with a link to the new password tool ( to set their password. They have to enter the same details as above.

Note: Mobile phone numbers in the new password tool are not shared further and are only held for the purpose of a 2nd factor authentication (i.e. text message code).


If you need more information visit the IAM Intranet site.


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