Microsoft Office 365

All students currently fully enrolled at the University of Canterbury can install and use Office 365 on their personally owned computers (Mac and Windows) for free. Versions are also available for mobile devices (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile).

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is an online version of Microsoft Office made up of web-based Office applications (or Office web apps) and cloud storage using OneDrive for Business.

The package of Office web apps available will depend on whether you have a Mac or Windows device. On a Windows device, you will have the latest version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Publisher, Outlook, Skype and OneDrive available to you. On an Apple device, you will have the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook and OneDrive available to you.

Onedrive at the University of Canterbury

OneDrive for Business is a part of the Office 365 package. OneDrive for Business is cloud storage that allows University of Canterbury students to store, sync and share up to one terabyte of files across multiple devices for free. We strongly recommend using it, as the cloud storage provided by OneDrive allows you to backup files you have saved to your personal device. This could potentially save hours of work and frustration if you were to save your files to one location, and those files were to become inaccessible for whatever reason. Additionally, OneDrive also lets you access your files from anywhere you have Internet access.

How to install Microsoft Office 365

1. Log into your student email using your UClive credentials ( and password).

2. At the top of your screen, on the right-hand side select the settings icon. This will load a menu beneath it

Office 365 Settings Icon


3. At the bottom of that menu under your app settings, you will see a link to Office 365. Select this

Office 365 link


4. On the screen that follows, select software

Office 365 Select Software


5. Now you’re at the Office 365 install page. To download the installation file, you just need to select install. By default, this will be the 32-bit version of Windows which is recommended. However, if you want the 64-bit version, which is also available, just click advanced and select 64-bit from the drop-down menu.

Office 365 Install Software


6. Once you click install, the installer will be downloaded. When that download is complete, run the installer to install the Microsoft Office 365 software and finish the installation. Installation can take some time depending on the speed of your computer, so if you’re using a laptop we would strongly suggest not doing the installation over battery power as this could run out before installation is finished.

7. If prompted, activate Microsoft Office 365 using your University of Canterbury credentials ( and your password).

If you have any problems with the installation or use of Microsoft Office 365, please don’t hesitate to contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.

Accessing OneDrive

1. To access OneDrive, firstly navigate to the OneDrive login page and select sign up for free. One the following popup, select sign in under OneDrive for Business

Onedrive Sign-in

2. Enter your UClive email address, select next, enter your password and sign in.

3. You have now accessed your OneDrive. If you’ve never used it before, there won’t be anything under files. But after you’ve saved some files to it, it will look more like this. As mentioned earlier, you can access these files from anywhere.


Uploading Content to OneDrive

There are different ways you can upload files and folders to OneDrive. One option is direct via the web interface, and another option is from a folder you place on your computer that automatically syncs with OneDrive. These options aren’t mutually exclusive, you can do some of each.

One option when you’re signed in to the web version of OneDrive is to select upload from the menu.

OneDrive Upload Content

This will display a choice of either uploading individual files or an entire folder and its content. Select what’s most appropriate, and from there you can upload your files. Alternatively, you can also drag files from a folder on your device to the files list on the webpage, which will automatically copy them to your OneDrive once you release the mouse.

OneDrive CopyDrag File

A more convenient option to automatically upload and sync your folders and files with your OneDrive is to do it via the OneDrive desktop app. This will create a OneDrive folder on your device that will automatically back up any files within that folder to your OneDrive. Any changes that are made to files within this folder are automatically synced with OneDrive and therefore backed up online, saving the need for you to upload your documents to OneDrive manually. To download the OneDrive desktop app, please click here.

Once the OneDrive desktop app has downloaded, follow the prompts and enter your email address, select sign in and enter your password when prompted.

OneDrive AppSetUp

When it comes to installing the OneDrive desktop folder on your device, for ease of use, you’ll want the folder in an easily accessible place such as your desktop. You can choose where the folder goes at this screen by selecting change location.

OneDrive Folder Location

Click Next when complete. When you’ve located the OneDrive folder (it will look different to a regular folder as it has a cloud image on it) try copying some files that aren’t open into the folder. If you then navigate to the web version of OneDrive, you should see a copy of the files you copied to your OneDrive in the web version of OneDrive. Before continuing to use the OneDrive folder, be sure that your OneDrive folder is uploading any new documents to the web version of your OneDrive, and any changes made to existing files in the folder are automatically synced with the web version of OneDrive.

Editing Content in OneDrive through a web browser

With OneDrive, you can also edit existing and new files through a web browser. Where possible, this is achieved by opening the corresponding Office web app version in your web browser instead of the full version of the Office application. For example, if you have a Word document saved to OneDrive, opening it through OneDrive will open the web version of Word which you can edit the document in if desired. Any changes you make through here will be automatically saved back to OneDrive. To edit a document in your OneDrive on a web browser, simply click on it under files.





Get Microsoft OneDrive on your mobile

OneDrive can be installed for the following mobile devices:

For more information see the Office 365 FAQs‌ PDF below.

Office 365 Drop-in Sessions

If you'd like help getting setup with Office 365, visit the IT Service Desk.