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To use IT services or resources from off-campus for example at home or a hotel you need to use something called 'Remote Access'. The term 'Remote Access' in the UC context means you are authorised to access IT services or resources when away from the campus.

You will also encounter the term 'Remote Desktop'.  In the UC context, this means connecting to a computer or server that is located on-campus.

It is recommended that all staff register for remote access even if they do not expect or intend to use the service as this will reduce effort needed to get setup should your circumstances change in the future.

Once you have registered, click here to find out how to connect to UC.

This article outlines how to register for remote access. It is recommended that you read through all the instructions before starting the registration process.

For security reasons, the computer you are using to complete your registration process must be on Campus and on a WIRED NETWORK connection.  You cannot register for remote access when connected to WIFI.

If you are a visitor or a staff member who is unable to come on campus to complete this process please refer to the next tab 'Off-Campus Staff and Visitors'.


This article covers:

  • How to Register for Remote Access
  • How to Register for Remote Access

    We recommend that you read through these instructions before beginning the registration wizard.  A link to the registration wizard is at the bottom of this page.

    When you click the link you will get a security pop-up window. Enter your UC username and password and click OK

    Once you have logged in, you will be taken through a wizard to complete your registration. 

    Wizard Page 1: Set up your Remote Access Services

    Click on Save and Next to start the wizard.

    Wizard Page 2: Your Mobile Phone

    Enter the mobile number that can be used for authentication when you log in. This should be the mobile phone you use the most and does not have to be a university phone number

    Click Save and Next to continue.

    Wizard Page 3: Your University Computer and Remote Desktop

    Using remote access you can access your desktop computer using Remote Desktop. On this page of the wizard, you can specify which computer you need to access.

    • If you are on your own desktop, then you would choose the first option.
    • If you are using someone else's desktop to complete your registration, use the second option and enter your computer name in the box provided.
    • If you do not have a desktop computer of your own, choose the third option 'No thanks, I don't need Remote Desktop'. See the Other Scenarios tab to find out how you can access UC services without a desktop computer.

    Once you have made your choice, click Save and Next to continue.

    If you need to change this later please contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.

    If you need to access additional desktops or access a server, please log an Asssyt ticket here.


    Page 4: Mac and Linux Access

    If you want to do any of the following tick the box on this page. Otherwise, leave it blank. Click Save and Next to continue.

    • Setup remote access on UC Mac
    • Setup remote access on a Linux machine
    • Connect to a UC Mac on-campus from another Mac
    • Connect to UC Linux machine on-campus

    Page 5: Notes

    Enter any notes related to your query. In most cases, this can be blank.

    Click Save and Next to continue.

    Page 6: Wizard Complete

    Your setup is complete. You can now close your Browser.

    If you ticked the box on page 4 (Mac and Linux access) you will receive notification from the IT Service Desk with further information.

    Once you have registered you will be able to:

    • Access your desktop computer (remote desktop).
    • Access the Staff Terminal Server (this is a desktop computer you can use to access UC services if you don't have or can't access your desktop).
    • Access Services not available via the internet (for example Jade, Timetabling, UCShareI sites).

  • Link to the Registration Wizard
  • Link to the Registration Wizard

    Click here to start the Registration Wizard

  • How to Connect to UC from Off-Campus
  • How to Connect to UC from Off-Campus

    Once you are registered, you can set up your personal computer to access IT services and resources, click here to find out to do this.

Still Need Help?

For urgent support, please contact us.
For non-urgent support, please log a ticket.

This article outlines how to register for remote access if:

  • You are a UC Visitor who cannot come on-campus
  • A staff member who cannot come on-campus


This article covers:

  • Visitors: Register for Remote Access
  • Visitors: Register for Remote Access

    If you have a visitor who needs remote access to IT services and resources, please request it here.

    Before you make the request, you will need to know:

    • What computer name the visitor will need access to (if you don't have a computer them to access, use the computer name UCREMOTE)
    • Their mobile number
    • What method of authentication they wish to use (Google Authenticator app or text message)
    • What email address the IT Service Desk can contact them on once their setup is complete (this does not have to be a UC email address)

    Once the request has been placed, the IT Service Desk will get in touch with the visitor directly with further information.

  • Staff: Register for Remote Access While Off-Campus
  • Staff: Register for Remote Access While Off-Campus

    If you are off-campus and have not registered for Remote Access, please complete this form in Assyst.

    The IT Service Desk will complete the registration on your behalf and let you know when complete.

Still Need Help?

For urgent support, please contact us.
For non-urgent support, please log a ticket.