IT Services: Explanation of our Māori Name and Image

Our Māori name has been given to us by AVC Māori in consideration of the transformation IT Services has been undergoing to better support our University.

Our name

Te Ratonga Tautoko Hangarau 



Ratonga means service(s) and is a commonly used noun when naming service areas in businesses, and here at UC
Tautoko means to support, verify, advocate, accept, agree - the use of this word is a 'nod' to the journey we have been on for the past 18 months, as well as to the value IT Services brings to the UC.
Hangarau is a kupu (word) for technology

Our image

As part of this acknowledgment of our transformation and our new identity, we engaged Ariki Creative to design some imagery for us.

its image blue

The design can be explained as:

The 3 threads, or elements, signify IT Services working together with others - to support each other and respect each other's community, near and far.

The shape represents the cloud, which is apt for IT Services and the future.

The overall design is representative of our mana (pride) in our department the contribution we make to UC.