Wired internet connection (Ethernet)

To accessconnect to the internet using a wired connection, you can use the yellow network cables that are available in the Central Library. To connect to externalthe internet servicesvia a suchwired asconnection studentin other email, Googlelocations etc, you will need to authenticateprovide your own cable. When you connect you will have immediate access to all UC hosted websites such as Learn and Library and network services such as printing in withcomputer the  workrooms.UC firewall .

UCTo access external internet services such firewallas authenticationstudent isemail, Google requiredetc, you towill connectneed to the internetauthenticate forwith students using:the  UC firewall .

UC firewall authentication is required to connect to the internet for students using:

  • Computer workroom machines
  • PostgraduateCasual-use desktoplibrary computersPCs
  • Postgraduate desktop computers
  • Personal laptops connected to a UC network outlets in some libraries.

UC firewall authentication

UC firewall authentication

See more information on how to authenticate with the  UC firewall .

Halls of residence

See more information on how to connect to the internet in  UC halls of residence .