UC firewall authentication

UC firewall authentication is only required when you use a wired connection to access external internet services such as student email, Google etc. It is not required for WiFi connections or for connecting using a wired connection to UC hosted websites or network services such as printing in computer workrooms.

There are three forms of Internet Enabler (iEnabler) available for authenticating with the UC firewall. Choose the appropriate method:

IT Services has developed an application version of iEnabler available for Apple OS X and Microsoft Windows. This application is available on all ITS managed computers.

  • iEnabler application apple osx

    Apple OS X version

  • iEnabler application windows

    Windows version

Download iEnabler for your personal laptop

This application is available for download to use with your personal laptop. The IT Service Desk can help you install this on your computer, however ITS only provides limited support for personal computers.

If the application version of iEnabler can't run on your computer, the webpage version of iEnabler provides a simple platform-agnostic way to authenticate with the UC firewall and gain full internet access. It will work with any modern device, OS and web browser.

  1. Log into the iEnabler webpage: http://ienabler.canterbury.ac.nz:900
  2. Enter your username and click Submit.
iEnabler webpage
  1. Enter your password and click Submit.
  2. Select "Standard Sign-on" and click Submit.
iEnabler webpage selections
  1. To log out, repeat the login process then select "Sign-off" when you are finished or you may incur additional internet charges.

For advanced computer users, a telnet session can be used to authenticate with the UC Firewall using Expect.

  1. Open a terminal session and enter the following command:

    $ telnet ienabler 259

  2. Enter your username and password.

    $ telnet ienabler 259 
    Connected to ienabler.canterbury.ac.nz. 
    Escape character is '^]'. 
    Check Point FireWall-1 Client Authentication Server running on ucfw1 
    User: abc123 
    password: ********

  3. After you have authenticated, enter 1 for Standard Sign-on to the UC Firewall.

    User abc123 authenticated by Radius authentication 
    (1) Standard Sign-on 
    (2) Sign-off 
    (3) Specific Sign-on 
    Enter your choice: 1

  4. To log out, repeat the login process and enter 2 to Sign-off when you are finished or you may incur additional internet charges.