Halls of residence internet connection

You can connect to the internet from all UC halls of residence via WiFi or wired (Ethernet) connections.


WiFi networks available in all halls are:

  • UCwireless
  • eduroam

See the wireless networking page for more information on wireless configuration, performance tips and coverage.

Wired internet connection (Ethernet)

Broadband internet using a wired (Ethernet) connection is provided by 2degrees Broadband. UC halls bedrooms in the following residences have computer network outlets:

How to connect to Ethernet

Connect your computer to the network outlet in your room using an Ethernet cable. Webpages you try to connect to should redirect you to the 2degrees Broadband sign-up page.
On the 2degrees site you can sign-up for internet connectivity and find information to configure your computer to connect to the internet.

The 2degrees Broadband sign-in pages are available only from the UC halls of residence bedrooms, not from computers on campus, which includes workroom computers in the halls of residence.

Having trouble connecting?

If you: