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Privacy and Official Information

The guiding principle of the Privacy and Official Information Acts is that information must be made available unless a good reason exists under the Acts for withholding it.

These Acts create a balance between increasing the availability of official information and enhancing respect and transparency, while at the same time protecting sensitive information where necessary for the public interest and/or to preserve personal privacy.

To know more, staff should contact the IRM Team or read through the resources on the right.

Privacy Impact Assessment Toolkit

Thinking of a new product, service or system design at UC? Then do a Privacy Impact Assessment. This enables you to see where you need to be aware of privacy risks before you begin your project. For more information check out the Toolkit from the Privacy Commissioner:

Information Management Network

All University employees are responsible for compliance with various policies and acts relating to Privacy, Copyright, Official Information and Public Records. To assist with compliance each portfolio and College delegates first line responsibility for information issues to a Information Management Network Nominee.

Collectively, this group of advocates is known as the Information Management Network, and is supported by the University’s Information Officer (The Registrar).

The Network will:

  • provide first line support for staff and students from each College or portfolio on privacy and information related issues or concerns, in particular by providing advice and guidance and in answering basic queries
  • where necessary, escalate matters of concern to the University Information and Privacy Officer or the University Information and Records Manager as appropriate
  • provide support to respective Senior Leadership Team members on information and privacy issues affecting their portfolios/Colleges, and act as a resource for use in projects that will touch on these matters
  • meet on a regular basis to share experience, gain knowledge and take advice from the University Information and Privacy Officer

If you are a member of this network, information will be available to you on this Information Management Network sharepoint site.

Information Management Network SharePoint site (staff only)

If you woud like to contact a nominee for your area, please email until further information is posted on this page.