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Your Responsibilities When Using Copyright Material

Copyright attribution

Acknowledging copyright material is required. You are obliged to fully and correctly identify any author, creator, publisher, and source of any material copied.

There are also specific obligations to attribute when using the licences which UC holds. Specific warning notices are required by these licences for use with music, radio and television broadcast material and course readers. The wording for these is available on the Copyright Warning Notices webpage.

These obligations arise whenever copyright material is legally used by staff or students. For example, if used legally in class handouts, in student essays or theses, in course readers, in academic publications (papers or books), in material on web pages. In all these cases you must attribute as stated below.

While the CLL licence enables academic staff to make copies from copyright works for use in teaching, it is still necessary to acknowledge that the work copied has been created by a person other than yourself.

If the material is being included in course notes or workbooks, then the copyright material used should be acknowledged in a bibliography or reference list in accordance with normal referencing standards. Alternatively, a copyright notice identifying the copyright owner should be included on the material copied.

Publication Date

The Library has more detailed information on referencing available by subject, see Citations and referencing (Library website)

Copyright and recordkeeping

If you get permission from a copyright owner to copy his/her material, then keep a record of that permission.

For more information on copyright in regard to theses, see Thesis Guide (Library website)

Reproduction and Publication

In addition to copyright clearance, students/staff who want to reproduce any original published material held in the University of Canterbury Library will need the Library’s permission (as proprietor and occasionally as copyright owner), and reproduction fees may apply. 'Original published material' are works which have been published through the University Press, the library or other campus works such as theses.