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The Registrar is the copyright officer for the University of Canterbury.

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Copyright sign made of jigsaw puzzle pieces by Horia Varlan via
creative commons license

General overview of copyright

  • Purpose of, materials covered and duration of copyright
  • Licences held by the University
  • Filesharing information
  • Your responsibilities when using copyright material
  • Copyright warning notices
  • FAQs

Teaching and copyright

  • Hardcopy text and images
  • Internet, databases, broadcasts and podcasts
  • Film, video and music
  • Staff original work

Research and study

  • Information about copying for study
  • Information on theses and copyright
  • Publishing in a journal

Creative tools

  • Educational resources for research and study
  • How to use, attribute and license your work under Creative Commons

Librarians and Copyright

All images in this section are sourced from Creative Commons material and are attributed appropriately.