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Committees and working parties

The University has, throughout its history, been managed through a range of standing and ad hoc committees, working groups and advisory groups. Some have had significant and far-reaching impact on the development of the University and education in Canterbury; others have been primarily focused on administration or day-to-day decision-making whose records do not warrant the time, effort, or expenditure of scarce resources to manage in perpetuity as archives. 

The University General Disposal Authority makes this distinction explicit by establishing two classes related to the disposal of committee records:

5.2.1 - Major committee - a committee, a working party that reflects the University's core functions. For example, the Academic Administration Committee

5.2.2 - Minor committee - a sub-committee, an ad-hoc committee, and/or a working party, staff meeting etc. For example, the Administrative Information Services Committee

The IRM Unit has created an authority list of University of Canterbury committees and other governance groups and allocated these into either Class 5.2.1 or 5.2.2. This list is available below. To ensure the correct disposal decision is made, staff who are undertaking a records ‘clean out’ are encouraged to refer to this list to determine if their committee records should be destroyed or archived at the end of the minimum retention period. Please contact the IRM Unit directly via if a committee is absent.

Committees and working parties list