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1972 - 1974, Architect- Hall & Mackenzie, Contractor - Paynter & Hamilton Ltd, $930,000 approx

Chronicle - April 1972Planned to accommodate the administrative staff required when the University's role reached 10,000, the new Registry building would have offices for the Vice-Chancellor and Registrar and their staffs, a Council room and accommodation for sections dealing with finance, records, data processing, liaison and student accommodation, buildings and maintenance, reserves and grounds, purchasing, information, printing and mail.

Extract from July 1970 Chronicle (PDF, 1.01MB)


The Registry building was begun in 1972 and was expected to be occupied by 1974 accommodating about 225 people. The six-story building, south-east of the School of Fine Arts and north-west of the James Hight Library then under construction, would be built under the "cash constraint" scheme used for the School of Forestry. Under this arrangement the University had been granted about $1 million to plan, build, furnish and equip the building. After the money was granted the building costs increased and the area had to be reduced to compensate.

Extract from June 1971 Chronicle (PDF1.46MB)

Chronicle - June 1971 Registry - architectural drawings
Architectural plans for Registry, Hall & Mackenzie


"It was in June 1970, that the University received $1,136,000 for its Registry, and as building costs have soared, especially as a Registry has little equipment to act as a cushion, we have felt grave concern that costs might outrun the grant. As a result the size of the building had to be reduced by tightening up the grid, by forgoing a good deal of built-in furniture, by accepting lower standards than we should have liked for certain fitments and by other economies" Professor N.C. Phillips, Vice Chancellor said.

Extract from April 1972 Chronicle (PDF, 1.01MB)


ChronicleThe new Registry at Ilam was occupied during the last week of November 1974. The final building was 34,440 square feet.

The top floor, containing offices for the Vice-Chancellor and Registrar, together with Council and committee rooms, required more area than the other floors and extends beyond the walls of the rest of the building to provide a bold roofline.

Registry 1974
The Registry building completed, Ilam 1974