City's Edge Computer Centre - Information and Records Management - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Computer Centre - Stage 1

1966, Hall & Mackenzie, $133,000

Computer Centre from University Drive - 1968
Computer Centre 1968


The computer buildings were designed to be built in three stages.

  • Stage 1 - Original Building, 1965 (Contractor: Fletcher Construction Co. Ltd) - This building would provide accommodation for the telephone exchange on Level 1 and computer services on Level 2.
  • Stage 2 - 3-Storey Addition, 1975 (Contractor: Paynter and Hamilton Ltd)
  • Stage 3 - Additional Floor on Stage 2 Building, 1985 (Contractor: Fletcher Development and Construction Ltd)

Extract from The Work of Hall and Mackenzie 1965 - 1985


Building work started in 1965 on the computer centre and telephone exchange building, the first of the administration buildings at Ilam. The ground floor was to be completed in 14 weeks to allow the Post Office time to install its modern P.A.B.X. telephone exchange, which would have provision for 1300 extensions. The computer centre on the overhanging upper floor would be ready in 30 weeks.

Computer Centre architectural drawings
Hall & Mackenzie architectural plans

The telephone exchange was designed with a unique entrance communication system. Visitors arriving at any of the five main gates of the new university would be able to speak form their cars in to a microphone stating the person or office on which they wished to call. The operator would then give directions on how to get to the building, where to park and where to find the person required.

Extract from Chronicle February 1966










The Telephone Exchange and Computer Services were designated for inclusion in the Registry and it was considered that the Stage 1 building could be built over at first floor level. In the event, the whole site development plan was altered and the Computer Building left in isolation, fortunately.

Extract from The Work of Hall and Mackenzie 1965 - 1985