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Business Classification System

The IRM Unit has developed an initial exposure draft of the University-wide functional business classification system. This model aims to accurately reflect the functions the University undertakes, and the supporting activities and sub-activities that business units and Colleges conduct. This is the draft model of the Business Classification System (htm, 5KB).

The Exposure Draft of the scheme is made available to the University community now for comment to ensure that, once approved, it accurately reflects the wide variety business functions and activities conducted by the University as a whole. More formal workshops and feed back will be conducted in 2011. Over the six months of the initial exposure draft period, any and all feedback will be gratefully received. Please send comments to the IRM Unit via

The BCS was developed by a New Zealand information and records management consultancy in partnership with the Public Records Act Working Party of the New Zealand Vice-Chancellors' Committee, and further refined by incorporating elements from the UK’s Joint Information Systems Committee’s model schema and following analysis of the University's particular functions.

The BCS will form the heart of any University-wide content management or electronic document management system that may be implemented in the future. In the meantime, the draft system can also be used to structure departmental file share filing plans. For information and help on setting up a plan based on the model, please contact

This is the searchable draft of the BCS (htm, 5KB).

Background information on business classification systems

Overview of classification tools for records (National Archives of Australia) (pdf 1.4KB)

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