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Archives NZ and the Public Records Act

The Public Records Act (PRA) was passed in 2005, bringing Universities under the ambit of Archives New Zealand and the Chief Archivist for the first time. Critically, the Act specifically excludes those records created by the academic community as part of their research and teaching activities.

PRA at a Glance (pdf 44.KB)

Only corporate and administrative records are covered by the PRA. It specifically excludes from its coverage academic research and teaching materials.

  • It requires that all University employees create records documenting their business activities.
  • It requires that these records are maintained and are accessible over time.
  • It requires that all records must be retained until approved for disposal by the Chief Archivist.
  • It defines records broadly and makes no distinction between formats – records may be either physical (eg, paper) or digital (eg, email).
  • It requires that, unless otherwise stated, University records that are over 25 years old be open and available to members of the public to access.
  • Archives New Zealand will regularly audit the information and recordkeeping practices and processes of the University.

UC and the PRA

The disposal of the University of Canterbury’s records is authorised under the General Disposal Authority for University Records, DA337.

The University’s legacy records (those records 25 years old or older) are covered by an Access Agreement under s43 of the PRA. This agreement is lodged with Archives under reference AA343.

As part of its commitment to improving the management of its legacy records under the Legacy Records Programme, the University has secured a deferred transfer agreement of these records for five years through 2015, under s22 of the PRA.

Records at Archives New Zealand

Archives New Zealand’s Christchurch Regional Office holds an extensive number of records on the establishment and development of the University dating from the Provincial Government period onwards. It has described to varying degrees the agency histories of the University and the College of Education as well. 

Prior to its merger with the University, the College of Education transferred a number of its records to the regional office of Archives New Zealand.

These accession, series and records are described in Archives New Zealand's online finding aid Archway. Some useful Archway references include:

Agency Codes:

ADGZ - University of Canterbury
CALN - Christchurch College of Education

Disposal Authorities:

DA6 - Ad hoc authority covering selected ionograms, data bulletins and log books from the Department of Physics (expired)
DA337 - General Disposal Authority for New Zealand Universities

Access Agreement:

AA343 – All records, electronic and physical, of the University of Canterbury, including those inherited from the former College of Education.

College of Education Series:

3082 - Christchurch College of Education - Photographs/Slides 1879 - 1992
3318 - Christchurch Teacher's College/College of Education Miscellaneous Plans 1917 - 1976
3081 - Christchurch Teachers' College - Miscellaneous Records 1896 - 1989
3245 - Christchurch Teachers' College/College of Education Continuing Education Advisory Commitee files
1976 - 1992
3246 - Christchurch Teachers' College/College of Education Principal's Files 1986 - 1997
3303 - Christchurch Teachers' College/College of Education/Miscellaneous Early Childhood Education Records 1963 - 1990
3302 - Christchurch Teachers' College/College of Education/Miscellaneous Library Files 1958 - 1995
3316 - Letter Press Copy Book for Normal School 1901 - 1904
3317 - Letter Press Copy Book for Woolston School 1901 - 1904
3078 - Primary Programme Director's Files 1973 - 1990
3315 - Registrar's Registered Files 1987 - 1993
3080 - Registrar's Unregistered Files 1958 - 1990
3079 - Secondary Programme Director's Files 1980 - 1989