Applying for a Visa as a Returning International Student on Campus

You can apply for your 2022 student visa through UC (Student Direct) before 15 December if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are a current onshore UC student (studying in NZ in 2021)
  • You have a current student visa at the time of your application
  • You have your 2021 Semester Two results (available from 3 December)
  • You have an approved Application to Enrol in myUC with all courses approved
  • You are continuing with the same qualification you studied in 2021 or a natural progression of qualification (for example going from an MA to a PhD).

You will need to make an appointment for an Enrolment in Person session and have all the necessary documentation with you at the session. 

Change of Qualification

If you are wanting to change your qualification (for example from a BCom to a BSc) you will need to apply for your student visa directly with INZ, you will need to provide your Offer of Place for the new programme of study and a letter outlining the reason for the change. 

This does not apply to a natural progression in qualification (for example progressing from a BE(Hons)INT to a BE(Hons) or from an MA to a PhD). If you are unsure whether your qualification change is a natural progression or a full change, email or visit Student Services (Level 1, Matariki Building). 

Student Visa Application Fee 

Applying through UC

The Student Visa Application Fee for 2021 is NZD$285 if you apply through UC:

$110 - Immigration NZ Application Fee
$25 - Immigration Levy
$35 - Immigration International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL)
$115 - UC Service Charge
$285 - Total

This is normally paid during your Enrolment in Person session (when you submit your student visa application). More information on these charges is available on the INZ Fees Guide (INZ0128).  

Applying with Immigration NZ

The cost of applying for a student visa directly with INZ varies, depending on your personal situation. Check the INZ Fees Guide (INZ0128) or the INZ website for more details.

Visitor or Work Visa

If you currently hold a visitor or work visa and you want a student visa, you must apply directly with INZ.

Post-study Work Visa

People who have completed an acceptable qualification in NZ can apply for a post-study work visa. If you are granted a visa, you can work for any employer in NZ and do almost any work. You must apply for a post-study work visa online directly with INZ to ensure you receive your e-visa in a timely manner.