Minimum insurance cover requirements for incoming students

The following list details the minimum insurance cover requirement for a travel and medical insurance policy. These requirements are valid from 1 June 2006.

The "sums insured" must be very high so that they will not be exceeded in any possible claim. The minimum requirements being:

  • NZ$600,000 for hospitalisation, general practitioners, and prescriptions
  • NZ$600,000 for medical rescue/repatriation should you becomes seriously ill or injured and need to be accompanied home with a medical professional
  • NZ$15,000 for funeral expenses and repatriation of the body back home
  • NZ$30,000 for accompanying relative cover. If you becomes seriously ill or die, cover is required to support a relative to accompany and support you. This should include the relative's day-to-day accommodation, reasonable living costs and the cost of airfares
  • NZ$20,000 to fly you home should a member of your immediate family become critically ill or die
  • NZ$20,000 for death or disability benefit
  • NZ$1,000,000 for personal liability
  • NZ$5,000 Loss or damage to baggage and other personal effects
  • NZ$5,000 for travel delay and missed transport connection

In addition, the following requirements must also be met:

  • The insurance commences on the day the student begins their travel.
  • The insurance applies whilst the student is in transit.
  • The insurance applies 24 hours a day for the total period of travel overseas.
  • The insurer must provide emergency 24-hour, 7 day per week cover.
  • Any excess or co-insurance must not exceed NZ$1000.
  • The broker or agent promoting the policy is a reputable and established company with substantial experience in the travel and medical insurance business.
  • The insurer (or re-insurer) is a reputable and established company with substantial experience in the travel insurance business. The credit rating must be no lower than BBB from Standard and Poors, or B+ from A M Best.

Note: If an insurance company imposes additional restrictions, conditions or exclusions on the insurance cover offered by the master policy, the University reserves the right not to accept the insurance policy as a compliant policy.