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UC Welcome-Home Scholarship

The University of Canterbury offers an unlimited number scholarships valued at $7,000 to support New Zealand citizens who have studied at secondary level in Australia with their transition and travel to NZ.

Applicants must have achieved an ATAR score of at least 95.00 (or an equivalent) and because there is no limit, if you meet the eligibility criteria, you’ll be awarded a scholarship.

To apply and for full terms and conditions, click here or call Free Phone 1800-431595

It was recently announced that NZ born students who have been in Australia less than 10 years will no longer get subsidised tertiary support from the Australian central Government. Those students will be charged the domestic full-fee rate.

The ending of subsidies means that on an annual basis they will have an increase in tuition fees (on average) of $17,000 ($7,000 to $24,000: Radio New Zealand 3/5/17).

NZ born students will have access to the Australian student loan system however a 25% loan fee will also be applied. The announced changes will impact from January 2018.

However, if you chose to study in New Zealand, you will be under the same conditions as New Zealand citizens. This means that you will pay domestic tuition fees and can apply for government student loans.

To find out more about the Higher Education Loan Program for New Zealand citizens, click here.

To find out details on entry requirements for the University of Canterbury, click here.

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Tuition Fees Cost Comparison (NZD)*

Qualification Undergraduate Postgraduate
  NZ Australia NZ Australia
Arts, Social Science, Education $5,850 $25,138 - $38,693 $6,600 - $7,100 $26,251 - $38,693
Business & Law $6,200 $26,807 - $41,121 $6,900 - $7,400 $27,355 - $43,652
Computer Science & Information Systems $6,500 $31,085 - $38,693 $7,200 - $7,600 $29,943 - $41,121
Science $6,800 $30,297 - $38,693 $7,500 - $7,900 $29,943 - $41,121
Engineering $7,350 $34,141 - $43,245 $8,000 - $8,300 $34,141 - $43,158

*The universities reflect a range of factors (similar sized cities, similar QS ranking plus two much higher ranked universities).Source: Fees Monitor 2017, The Knowledge Partnership

*Approximate Tuition Fees by Subject Area in NZD including GST (1.0 EFTS/120 points)
See specific programmes for actual pricing
Mid-market rate 2017-05-30 03:35 UTC
1 AUD = 1.05373 NZD / 1 NZD = 0.949007 AUD

Accommodation Cost Comparison (NZD)

Institution  Range- self catered Range- fully catered 
University of Canterbury $8,610-$12,600 $13,202-$25,650
Australian Universities $8,405-$17,671 $14,700-$28,167