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International Students: From Study Centre to UC

UC Students, including prospective students who will enrol with us next semester, are welcome to study at a Study Centre.

Students will enjoy online courses delivered by UC and on campus classes (credit bearing and non-credit bearing) which contribute towards your degree at UC.

You receive the best of both worlds - access all the online services delivered by UC while making the most of studying on a university campus, accessing in-person support and facilities at the host study centre.

Step 1: Enrol at UC

You must have an offer of place to study at UC, follow the steps to complete your UC enrolment. Start your online courses with UC according to the UC semester dates.  

Step 2: Register your interest

Register your interest to be based at a study centre while you start your UC degree online. Registration includes telling us what you’re studying, and which UC study centre you prefer to be based at. Please note study centre availability depends on which UC degree you’re studying.

Step 3: Travel to, and enrol at the study centre

Enrol in UC’s study centres according to their semester start dates.  Each study centre has a different start date. Once you complete Step 2, we will communicate with you via WeChat and/or email about the enrolment process at the study centre.

  • If you’re new to UC you can choose any online to on campus courses in addition to the Study Centre courses below. If possible you should enrol in a minimum of 45 points of UC online courses in your first semester.
  • If you’ve already completed a semester or more at UC (whether that’s online or on campus), you can choose whether you study a mix of online UC courses and on-campus study centre courses, or whether you only study in-person courses at the study centre. Depending on how long you’ve been studying online, you may not have any online classes at your level available, in which case you will only study on campus at the study centre.
  • No matter whether you are a new or returning student, you MUST study at least one on-campus course at the study centre. This can either be credit bearing (able to credit back to your UC qualification) or a non-credit bearing elective course.
  • Please note the list below is non-comprehensive:

    Start date at Study Centre

    UC course code

    Course code and name at Study Centre (note – if more than one course is listed you will need to take all courses to credit towards the one UC course)



    CST0541 Computer Communication and Network
    CST0551 Computer Communication and Network Practice



    CST2281 Principle of database system
    CST2291 Principle and Practice of Database System



    CST2131 Computer System Structure
    CST0511 C Programming Language
    CST0521 C Programming Language Experiments



    CST2032 Operating Systems
    CST2041 Operating System Experiments



    MATH5021 Bayes Statistics 



    MATH5081 Multivariate Statistical Analysis



    MATH5131 Time Series Analysis



    MATH5241 Data Mining


    BIOL 231

    1002792-0702912 Molecular Biology



    MAT5281 Numerical Analysis 


    COSC 261

    CST2021 Compilation principle experiment
    CST2011 Compilation principle


    COSC 262

    SSE0561 data structure
    CST2272  Data structure experiment



    CST5461 Cloud Computing and Virtualization
    CST5511 Big data management

  • Students should contact their UC course advisor to formalise their study plan before they finalise their enrolment at the study centre. This is to ensure you have approval to cross credit the study centre courses into your UC qualification.


Register your interest to be based at a study centre while you start your UC degree online. Registration includes telling us what you’re studying, and which UC study centre you prefer to be based at. Please note study centre availability depends on which UC degree you’re studying, and whether the study centre has reached capacity.

Students who are returning to UC (e.g. if you have already completed one semester or more of your UC degree) can complete the registration now.  

If you have not yet applied to study at UC, you must first complete your application here.

Study centre students receive access to all UC online resources and services, just as if you were studying online at home. This includes UC’s Tūhono ā-Ipurangi | Online Peer Mentor programme. UC’s peer mentors will be in touch regularly throughout the semester to check in and arrange social events for you to meet other UC students.

In addition to UC online support, you’ll receive dedicated support and access to facilities at your study centre. These include:

  • Student ID card
  • Library, canteen, gym and IT facilities
  • Social clubs, activities and events
  • Support finding accommodation, airport pick up and check in
  • On campus orientation
  • In person academic and non-academic support
  • Dedicated coordinator as a primary point of contact

Students pay tuition fees to UC according to UC fee structure and their enrolment statement. If you wish to live on-campus at a study centre, you’ll need to cover accommodation costs. You’ll also need to cover the cost of food, textbooks, transportation, and medical insurance while you’re at the study centre.  

As Study centres are based overseas, students will be eligible to receive NZ GST refunds for their UC tuition.

Students have a two-week withdrawal period from the start of the UC semester to change or withdraw from their study centre and online courses. Please refer to UC’s refund policy here for more details.

Some of our study centres provide the option to live on-campus in student accommodation. Others provide accommodation support to assist you in finding a private rental. Once you have registered your interest for the study centre we’ll be in touch with more details.

A New Zealand student visa is not required to join a study centre. However, when you are able to travel back to New Zealand you will need a valid student visa. Visit the Immigration New Zealand website for more information about student visa applications.

No, basing yourself at a UC study centre is optional. If you prefer to continue learning online from home you are welcome to, as long as there are online courses available for you. More information about UC’s online to on campus courses can be found here.

If you have any further questions about your study options at UC please contact your agent, or get in touch with us

Email or add Elizabeth on WeChat (WeChat ID: elizabethzou)