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Smokefree Campus - Frequently Asked Questions

The University of Canterbury is a smokefree campus from January 2011, embracing a wider vision of integrating health into the culture, structures and processes of the University.

See below for answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Q: Why is the University going smokefree?

A: To ensure we all benefit by having a healthier place to study, work and live. All staff, students and visitors are entitled to a smokefree environment while on our campus.

In doing this, the University is embracing a wider vision of integrating health into the culture, structures and processes of the University by eliminating Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) exposure for all staff, students and visitors. The University is actively assisting in the protection and improvement of the health of the community. Leading by example is an important role for an educational institution.

Q: When will the University become smokefree?

A: The University is smokefree from 1 January 2011.

Q: Will there be designated smoking areas?

A: No. Refer to The Smokefree Policy (PDF) - Section 2 (Leases)

Q:  Where does the smokefree policy apply?

A: The smokefree policy applies to all University buildings, vehicles and grounds (including halls of residence, fields, regional campuses and field stations).

Q: Are our internal roads defined as part of the campus?

A: Yes.

Q: Does the policy apply to leased facilities on the campus?

A: Yes, although there will be a transitional period allowed for those leased facilities that have a designated area agreed upon within their current lease.

Q: Is smoking allowed at the UCSA Foundry and Staff Club?

A: Yes, an exemption has been granted for the Foundry grass area (amphitheatre) and Staff Club surrounding grounds.

Q: Who does the smokefree policy apply to?

A: Anyone who studies, works or visits University of Canterbury campuses including the general public and contractors.

Q: What support will be provided to those wishing to quit smoking?

A: The University actively supports staff and students who want to stop smoking. Please visit the University’s Smoking Cessation Advice webpage (staff and students only). Additionally, the Smokefree Policy found in the UC Policy Library explains the ongoing implementation of this initiative and gives full details of the information and support available.

If you are interested in smoking cessation assistance please contact the Health Centre on extension 6402.

Q: How will the UC population be made aware of the smoking ban?

A: The smokefree project group has developed a Smokefree Communications and Implementation Plan that includes the following:

  • VC forum
  • All staff email
  • Intercom
  • Health & Safety and UCSA websites and associated portals
  • Signage
  • H&S Committee Meetings
  • Notice to leasees/hirers/community partners
  • Recruitment and Induction processes
  • UC documents and publications
  • 2011 Handbook and Calendar
  • Student enrolment information
  • Orientation
  • Procurement processes
  • Smokefree Advocates
  • Health forums

Q: How will the policy be enforced and what strategies are in place to address non-compliance?

A: The University recognises that enforcement is inappropriate terminology for attitudinal and behavioural change. We recognise that social change theory encompasses terms such as ‘encouragement’, ‘peer pressure’ and ‘leadership’ and the following measures will be undertaken:

  • Continuous publicity about the role of staff and students contributing to a healthy environment
  • Gentle reminders by all staff and students concerning the adherence of this policy
  • Wide spread publication of our smokefree status and appropriate signage

The policy objectives will be reviewed at the end of 2011.

Most people comply in good faith with outdoor smoking bans, so smokefree outdoor policies are generally self-enforcing. New Zealanders are now very familiar with the concept of outdoor smoking bans with most people having experienced smokefree outdoor policy in action at sports stadiums, schools, hospital grounds and smokefree marae, so normative values will ensue.

All staff at UC will be encouraged to support the smokefree policy by politely informing smokers we are a smokefree campus and directing them to the Smokefree Campus webpage for information.

Q: Will tobacco products continue to be sold on University campuses or facilities?

A: The sale of tobacco products will be phased out during 2011.

Q: Where can I find more information?

A: If you would like more information visit the Smokefree Campus webpage or contact Health & Safety.

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