Programme offerings

The HIT Lab NZ offers postgraduate degrees (called “graduate degrees” in the US) at the Masters and PhD level.

The keys to our courses and projects are a multidisciplinary focus, collaboration with external companies and teamwork. You may have a Bachelor’s degree in design or psychology and want to expand your expertise into the prototyping domain or vice versa. We encourage students from diverse backgrounds to join the laboratory. Students with expertise in philosophy, economics or sociology are as welcome as students with an engineering degree. It is the mix of backgrounds that makes our educational programs so special.

Masters programme

MHIT programme

As New Zealand and international business moves to a more design-centred future, there is increasing demand for skills in Human Interface Technology. Both the design industry and the government have acknowledged this demand. The Master of Human Interface Technology (MHIT) programme aims to improve interactive technology to meet users’ needs.

PhD programme

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Human Interface Technology is a multidisciplinary degree that is designed to allow students from a variety of backgrounds to undertake research in Human Interface Technology. The research generally focuses on technology falling somewhere along the Reality-Virtuality  Continuum, including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Applied Gaming, and Human-Robot Interaction. The PhD typically takes three years to complete, and you will be able to completely focus on your research during that time.

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