Physical Health

The condition of your body is your physical health and we are here to help keep your body functioning as it was designed to. Some of the services we offer for physical health include:

Minor Surgery

The UC Health Centre is equipped for minor surgeries where local anaesthetics are used. Doctors with specific training in minor surgery perform these procedures, which include nail resections for ingrown toenails and skin lesion removal. There are additional fees for this service.

Wart and Verruca Treatment

Trained nurses will treat warts and verrucae with liquid nitrogen, wart paste, or silver nitrate. There is a small charge for 3 months of treatment.

Ear Syringing

Ear syringing involves cleansing the inner ear canal with liquid to remove built-up ear wax and debris. There is a charge for this service.

Mole Map

If you have any moles or skin lesions causing concern please speak with us. Tracking and removal of moles is a service offered through the UC Health Centre. 


Lifestyle choices can affect your physical and mental health greatly. UC offers many different facilities and services that can help improve your lifestyle choices, such as the UC Rec Centre and the many clubs that UC Sport offers.

To register or make an appointment, please contact us.