On-going care

Keeping yourself healthy should be a priority. We are able to assist you with all on-going care.

Flu vaccines

Flu vaccines are free for all patients enrolled at UC Health Centre - please phone the Reception team on 03 3694444 to book an appointment.


You need a nurse appointment for Ministry of Health recommended immunisations (e.g. Gardasil) and routine immunisations such as tetanus boosters. All nurses are certified vaccinators. Please see travel vaccinations for further information.

Repeat prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions are unlikely to be issued without a doctor’s appointment unless you are registered for ManageMyHealth (MMH).  Patients registered for MMH can request repeat prescriptions via the portal, however approval is at the Doctor's discretion. 

Please ensure that you have enough medication to cover you during the University breaks, in particular over the summer period when the Health Centre is closed or if you are out of Christchurch until lectures resume in February the following year.


Management of long term health conditions

Registered nurse-led specialised teams manage long term health conditions. There are also specialist diabetic nurses within our staff.


Nutrition and weight loss support

For dietary advice and support, we offer nurse appointments and have access to final-year dietitian students who can recommend treatment plans.

Stop smoking

All nurses are trained in smoking cessation however you need a doctor’s appointment for prescription medication to quit smoking.

ACC consultations

A surcharge applies for all AC consultations with the exception of current students that are enrolled at the clinic and hold a current Community Services Card.

To register or make an appointment, please contact us.