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Counselling Symposium 2018 - Keynote Speaker

Frank N Thomas

How Do We Know What We Do Is Good?

Practice-Based Evidence

Counselling Symposium 2018 - Presentations

Presenters include Dr Shanee Barraclough, Micha Multhaup, George Gribbin, Aase Bechsgaard, Dr Neville Rodrigues, Associate Professor Judi Miller.

What if... coaching cricket and other sports could get you a great job?

What if... You were lost in the outdoors?

What if... Cancer screening can cause harm as well as benefit?

What if... Nutrition could treat mental illness?

What if... Critically-ill patients could be helped more

What if... we could detect type 2 diabetes before it was a problem?

Working with affect in qualitative research

Presented by UC's Associate Professor Kathleen Quinlivan, Dr Lois Tonkin and Shanee Barraclough, and Auckland's Professor Margaret Wetherell.