Postgraduate Diploma in Child and Family Psychology application, programme and enrolment information

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Our Postgraduate Diploma in Child and Family Psychology has a specialised application process. Please read the important programme, application and selection information below, before applying through myUC

In order to be eligible for entry to the programme, you must have completed the foundation courses within the PGDipSci or the MSc. Any applicants who have not met these requirements will be declined entry to the programme. Information regarding what to do in preparation for any future entry can be found in our “Frequently Asked Questions” document. 


The limited entry stage of the Child and Family Psychology programme consists of a twenty-seven month Postgraduate Diploma in Child and Family Psychology (PGDipChFamPsyc). Successful completion of this award leads to eligibility for registration as a psychologist in New Zealand with the New Zealand Psychologists’ Board.

The PGDipChFamPsyc begins with a summer school programme (CFPY 501) which starts in November.

The limited entry years can also be completed part-time, but CFPY 501 and CFPY 502 must be completed immediately after acceptance into the programme. Acceptance cannot be deferred. Part time students should contact Michael Tarren-Sweeney for advice.

You can apply for entry into the PGDipChFamPsyc in the year that you are due to complete your Masters foundation courses, or in a later year. Some students apply to enrol during their thesis year. Specific entry requirements for the limited entry award are non-negotiable and are listed on the in the PGDipChFamPsyc regulations. 

Please email Michael Tarren-Sweeney if you have any queries regarding your eligibility for the programme. 

For queries regarding the application/selection process, contact Katie McTaggart

Applications for the limited entry Postgraduate Diploma in Child and Family Psychology programme are open from 10 August and close on 1 October each year.

Selection is based on complete application information, academic record(s)/transcript(s), referees’ reports and an in-person interview. Dishonest answers or omission of relevant information may result in a successful application being reconsidered. Please be aware that the application process requires you to declare all information is true and correct.

Refer to our “Frequently Asked Questions” document to assist in answering some questions.

Entry into the programme is highly competitive, which means that each year there are applicants who are not shortlisted for selection interviews, and there are shortlisted applicants who do not gain a place on the programme.

The programme director is not able to provide verbal or written feedback on the shortlisting or selection decisions. Please note that this is standard practice for competitive-entry psychology training programmes (i.e. ‘no correspondence will be entered into’).

The provisional dates for the 2022 selection and enrolment period is as follows:

1 Oct

Deadline to submit application

21 Oct

Applicants informed by email if short-listed for interview

1,2 &3 Nov

Selection interviews

4 Nov

Interviewees advised if they have or have not been selected

9 Nov

Successful applicants must advise by email to if they will be accepting or declining their offer by 10 November and apply for the CFPY501 and CFPY502 courses in myUC.

14 Nov

Summer school commences

Should any of these dates need to be changed, we will inform you by email with notice.

Successful applicants will be required to consent to a check of their Police record, either in New Zealand and/or their country of origin.

To apply for entry to the limited entry Postgraduate Diploma in Child and Family Psychology programme you will need to apply online using my UC – you will apply for a Postgraduate programme. The online application will require you to:

*Please ensure you apply for the 2022 academic year, as the programme begins in November 2022. 

  • Answer questions regarding any misconduct and criminal charges, information which is required as part of our obligation under the Children’s Act 2014.
  • Upload certified copies of ALL previous tertiary academic transcripts and evidence that you have met the academic entry requirements for the programme (UC students/graduates do not need to provide this information).
  • Download and complete the Child and Family Psychology additional information form and upload it with your application in myUC – this information provides further evidence of your suitability for entry to the programme and is an important aspect of the application.
  • Upload a copy of your current CV with your application in myUC – your CV must contain:
    1. A full outline of your current and previous paid and voluntary work history, including current and/or previous relevant experience
    2. Full contact information for your current employer, including your immediate supervisor/manager
    3. Clear information regarding all qualifications and any previous relevant training you have undertaken, including the name of the  provider and the dates and duration of your training
  • Arrange for two (2) referees to complete the confidential referee report online. Suitable referees are people who know you well, and who would be in a position to comment on your suitability for this programme. We are seeking information about your potential and present ability.
    You will provide contact details for your referees in your application in myUC and an email will be sent to them with the link to the online referee report to be completed.  Please ensure you have checked that the email address you enter is correct.
    Unless you specifically state otherwise, we reserve the right to contact your named referees to discuss your application with them. We are unable to accept referee reports from family members or close friends.
  • If shortlisted you will complete the selection process, which involves a group exercise, an individual 5-minute role play based on a scenario and then an individual interview. If you are successful in being invited to this stage, further information will be provided to you regarding how the process works.  Please note that not all applicants are successful in moving through to the interview stage of the process.
  • If, following the application and interview process outlined above, you are successful in gaining entry to the programme, you will be sent information on the next steps to complete your enrolment.
  • Please email if you have any problems with the online application.
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