Semester 2 opportunities

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Seize the opportunity to upskill

The job market is constantly changing with advances in technology and global influences. Business disruptions can cause economic and social impacts that are far-reaching and long-term. In uncertain times, adaptability, creativity and transferrable skills will help you ensure your skills remain relevant in any future job market.

Start in 2022

Now is the time to start thinking about upskilling and building up your knowledge base for future challenges in the workplace and community. Whether you are looking to upskill, change career, or simply learn something new, UC has something for everyone. Our certificate options are a great introduction to study or you can simply pick a course (or two) starting in July.

Semester Two starts on Monday 18 July and ends on 13 November 2022. Mid-semester break is 29 August – 9 September.

Semester Two study break is 24 October – 28 October. This is followed by your final exams taking place 31 October - 12 November.

Allow about 150 hours for each 15-point undergraduate course. For semester-long courses that is a workload of just over 10 hours a week on average, including lectures, tutorials, reading the online course materials and working on assignments.

YES! A Certificate of Proficiency enables you to select a course or courses to develop your own individual study programme to meet your learning needs. Once successfully completed, your results are recorded on your academic transcript and can be recognised through a printed certificate. If you decide to stay at UC to complete a formal qualification, the courses taken may be credited towards your qualification, but this will not happen automatically.

Check out our Subjects webpage and Qualifications webpage for a list of our programmes, view the courses you’ll be taking to start with and explore career opportunities for when you complete your studies.

You can find more specific course details by searching and clicking on the course codes e.g. HLTH 106. Course web pages outline the lecture timetable and additional tutorials and laboratories. They also contain details about your assessments (assignments, tests, exams), textbooks.

Check out our Semester Two courses and useful links. Contact a Student Advisor to talk about taking the next step in your career.

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