Lisa Emerson

Senior Lecturer Above the BarLisa Emerson

Rehua 305
Internal Phone: 90175


Research Interests

My research and clinical interests converge on the area of child and family wellbeing. Through my research I aim to contribute to our understanding of how systems (e.g. family and school) contribute to child wellbeing and mental health. I am particularly interested in anxiety during childhood and adolescence. From a positive psychology perspective, I am interested in the implementation and effectiveness of mindfulness-based approaches for children and families.

I am interested in community partnership and inclusion in research. In 2021, I have been leading a project that aims to determine what the Autistic and autism communities priorities are for future autism research. This project uses a partcipatory research design.

Across my other projects, I am seeking to include community partners to inform the design, conduct and interpretation of the research. Projects include co-design of digital mental health supports for Autistic young people, and parent co-facilitation of mindfulness-based parenting support for caregivers of Autistic young people.

My current Masters and PhD supervision includes projects on mindful parenting for childhood anxiety, childhood psoriasis, and children on the autism spectrum.

Recent Publications

  • Emerson LM., Pellicano E., Monk R., Lim M., Heaton J. and McLay L. (2023) A portfolio analysis of autism research funding in Aotearoa New Zealand 2007–2021. Autism
  • Farley R., de Diaz NAN., Emerson LM., Simcock G., Donovan C. and Farrell LJ. (2023) Mindful Parenting Group Intervention for Parents of Children with Anxiety Disorders. Child Psychiatry and Human Development
  • García-Soriano G., Carrasco Á. and Emerson LM. (2023) Obsessional intrusive thoughts in children: An interview based study. Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice 96(1): 249-262.
  • Emerson LM. and Adams D. (2022) Brief Report: Family Accommodation is Associated with the Impact of Childhood Anxiety in Autism. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders
  • Heapy C., Emerson LM. and Carroll D. (2022) Are failures to suppress obsessive-intrusive thoughts associated with working memory? Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry 76