Arindam Basu

Associate ProfessorDr Arindam Basu

Rehua 301
Internal Phone: 93509

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Arin's primary research includes clinical medicine, education, environmental health, epidemiology, health services research, information technology, & interdisciplinary research related to these disciplines. Within the field of epidemiology, he is particularly interested environmental epidemiology, clinical epidemiology, and health services research. systematic reviews and meta analyses in the context of health services and outcomes research. His area of interest in inter-disciplinary linkage between health services research and environmental epidemiology. He has published on health impacts and determinants of Arsenic toxicity in the India, and currently edits a systematic review on middle ear pain in airplane travellers for 'Clinical Evidence' – a secondary evidence based journal.

Recent Publications

  • Barman S., Mandal D., Ghosh P., Das A., Majumder M., Chatterjee D., Chatterjee D., Saha I. and Basu A. (2023) Identification of microbiogeochemical factors responsible for arsenic release and mobilization, and isolation of heavy metal hyper-tolerant bacterium from irrigation well water: a case study in Rural Bengal. Environment, Development and Sustainability
  • Fasoro A., Maddocks W., Barnett P. and Basu A. (2023) Trajectories of Successful Aging Among Older Adults in Aotearoa New Zealand. Journal of Applied Gerontology
  • Basu A. (2022) A cross-tabulated analysis for the influence of climate conditions on the incidence of dengue fever in Jeddah City, Saudi Arabia during 2006–2009. International Journal of Health Sciences 16(6).
  • Halberstadt J., Basu A., Hughes B., Hughes R., Johnston M., Kierstead J. and Rozado D. (2022) Perceived Freedom of Expression at New Zealand Universities. Social Sciences 11(11)
  • Kuziemsky C., Hunter I., Udayasankaran JG., Ranatunga P., Kulatunga G., John S., John O., Flórez-Arango JF., Ito M. and Ho K. (2022) Telehealth as a Means of Enabling Health Equity. Yearbook of medical informatics 31(1): 60-66.