Annabel staff photo

Senior Lecturer Above the BarDr Annabel Ahuriri-Driscoll

BHSc Programme Coordinator
Rehua 208


Research Interests

I have been working as a Māori/public health researcher since completing my Masters degree in public health in 2000. I have been involved in research across a wide range of areas relating to Māori advancement, including traditional Māori healing, Māori-focused service, programme and organisational evaluation, and Māori community, iwi and hapū development. I recently completed a PhD in Health Sciences, investigating the concept of identity as it features in the lives and experiences of Māori adoptees.

Recent Publications

  • Hobbs M., Ahuriri-Driscoll A., Kingham S., Wiki J., Marek L., Dionisio MR., Curl A., Schluter P., Banwell K. and Mackenbach JD. (2022) A city profile of Ōtautahi Christchurch. Cities 121
  • Ahuriri-Driscoll A., Lee V. and Came H. (2021) Amplifying Indigenous voice and curriculum within the public health academy–the emergence of Indigenous sovereign leadership in public health education. Higher Education Research and Development 40(1): 146-161.
  • Ahuriri-Driscoll A., Tauri J. and Veth J. (2021) Māori views of forensic DNA evidence: an instrument of justice or criminalizing technology? New Genetics and Society 40(3): 249-266.
  • Foote J., Midgley G., Ahuriri-Driscoll A., Hepi M. and Earl-Goulet J. (2021) Systemic evaluation of community environmental programmes. European Journal of Operational Research 28(1): 207-224.
  • Hepi M., Foote J., Ahuriri-Driscoll A., Rogers-Koroheke M., Taimona H. and Clark A. (2021) Enhancing cross-cultural evaluation practice through kaupapa Māori evaluation and boundary critique: insights from Aotearoa/New Zealand. New Directions for Evaluation.