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Graduate research study provides you with specialist skills and applied experience. It can also open up a new career direction.

Do you have an intellectual curiosity about a specialist topic? Maybe you wish to boost your employment or develop your career, or change direction completely?

Whatever your life and career goals, UC has over 120 graduate and postgraduate qualifications on offer and support services to help you achieve them.

Advantages of further study

Graduate research study could be the ticket to a more influential and interesting career, whether it be in research or leadership roles, or lead to you having the knowledge and practice to effect positive change. UC students gain more than just intellectual skills and professional knowledge; our graduates are work-ready, culturally aware, willing to play an active role in the community, and globally connected.

Graduate research study can provide you with:

  • specialist skills and applied experience.
  • enhanced knowledge in topics you care about.
  • entry into specific occupations.
  • the opportunity to conduct original research that contributes to knowledge in that field.
  • smaller classes and closer links with staff.
  • evidence of high academic attainment and self-discipline.
  • a mark of independent research capability and original thought.
  • a marketable qualification that could make you more employable and in many cases more financially secure. Research shows that studying at the graduate level (master’s and doctoral) could give students a salary advantage.

Compare Study Options

The Compare Study Options tool on the website shows that a starting salary for a graduate with a bachelor’s degree is $49,000, ranging to $64,000 after five years. In comparison, a graduate with a master’s degree is $60,000 to $76,000.



1 year

2 years

5 years

1 year

2 years

5 years







  • 82% employment rate two years after study
  • 61.2% working in New Zealand
  • 30.6% in further study
  • 84% employment rate two years after study
  • 73% working in New Zealand
  • 20% in further study

Check out these links for information on salaries, careers, and future employment outlook.

A qualification that suits your circumstances

Graduate research students come from a variety of backgrounds, with different personal commitments, academic competencies, life aspirations, and career goals. From career changers to graduates straight out of their first degree, UC has a range of study options.

Find out more about changing direction or browse through our graduate research qualifications