Towards in vitro brain model

Host Faculty: Engineering
General Subject Area: Tissue engineering
Project Level: PhD
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Brain is one of the most complex systems in the universe and related to all aspects of human beings, such as emotion, perception, intelligence, etc. Additive manufacture (3D printing) and electrospinning are powerful technologies with significant applications in developing in vitro brain model, which allows us to systematically control and study brain functions, particularly neural networks. It has been shown that in vitro brain model could be linked with brain diseases and disorders, for example, we have cultured in vitro brain model for Alzheimer’s disease. The performance of the in vitro brain model is significantly influenced by the structural design, cellular microenvironment as well as the cell-material interactions. The objectives of this project are to develop novel technologies for 3D biofunctional in vitro brain model. Students with experience in tissue engineering, cell culture, bioprinting, electrospinning, laser, microfluidics, biotechnology, instrumentation, etc. are welcome to apply.


Supervisor: Yilei Zhang

Key qualifications and skills

tissue engineering, bioengineering, cell culture, hydrogel, bioprinting, electrospining

Does the project come with funding

Yes - UC Startup Fund

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tissue engineering; bioengineering; cell culture; hydrogel; additive manufacturing; electrospining