Teen anxiety and parenting

Host Faculty: Education, Health and Human Development
General Subject Area: Psychology
Project Level: PhD
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Anxiety is one of the most common reasons why young people and their families will seek support from services. Without adequate support, teens who experience anxiety are at risk of experiencing more psychological distress and impact on their future success. Research on young children with anxiety has shown that parents play a pivotal role in supporting their child. This has led to the development of psychological support for parents of anxious children under the age of 12 years. Whilst there are options for effective support for teenagers experiencing anxiety, there is a distinct absence of support for their parents. This PhD will use quantitative methods to explore the role of parenting for anxious teens. This may include the development and feasibility testing of a psychological approach for supporting these parents. 


Key qualifications and skills

You will have completed your undergraduate degree in Psychology, with an understanding of advanced statistical methods. You will have an interest and passion for helping youth and families who are in distress.

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clinical psychology; child psychology; anxiety; adolescence; parenting