Parenting a child on the autism spectrum

Host Faculty: Education, Health and Human Development
General Subject Area: Clinical Psychology; Child and Family Psychology
Project Level: PhD
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Most recent research on parenting a child on the autism spectrum has focused on parent wellbeing, and sought to highlight the experience of heightened parenting stress. Less is known about what parenting a child on the spectrum may look like – what helps, and what hinders. In this project, you will conduct a series of studies to understand and operationalise key parenting concepts in the context of autism. The PhD design would be quantitative, and as appropriate to the research questions would involve systematic review, questionnaire development, and survey methodologies. The research would be informed by community perspectives by engaging with autistic individuals, and parents.


Key qualifications and skills

You will have completed your undergraduate degree in Psychology, with an understanding of advanced statistical methods. You will have an interest and passion for helping families, and for working alongside the community.

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clinical psychology; child psychology; autism; parenting