Multi-Physics Power Transformer Model for Digital Twin

Host Faculty: Engineering
General Subject Area: Electrical Engineering
Project Level: PhD
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As part of the Solar Tsunami Endeavour Programme we are interested in the cumulative effects of Geomagnetically Induced Currents (GIC) on the performance, reliability and lifetime of power transformers in the electrical transmission system. This PhD research is aimed at developing a multi-physics based model of a power transformer specifically tailored towards low frequency (and DC) egress into the transformer’s electrical and magnetic circuits. The model will be interfaced with a physical counterpart in a digital twin platform. The model will be adaptable for a variety of transformer designs.


Supervisor: Andrew Lapthorn

Key qualifications and skills

Holds a Bachelor Honours or a master's degree in Electrical Engineering or a closely related field
Good knowledge of power system grids and power transformers
Experience with programming languages, e.g. MATLAB
Familiarity with finite element analysis software eg COMSOL
Excellent academic track record
High proficiency in written and spoken English
Enthusiastic applicant (any nationality) that wants to make a positive impact in the world and can work in a collaborative environment
Industrial or practical experience desirable

Does the project come with funding

Yes - fees and stipend

Final date for receiving applications



electrical engineering, transformer modelling, geomagnetic storms, finite element