Imaging and Detecting Vascular disease

Host Faculty: Science
General Subject Area: Biochemistry
Project Level: PhD
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Cellular research shows what is possible but it is not the real thing so we have developed a method to take diseased artery tissue from patients and culture slices of the tissue for up to 5 days. We add various cellular stimulants and growth factors before measuring the cellular response by HPLC, spectrophotometric and ELISA analysis of the media. We have been comparing the tissues response to that seen with cell culture to gain and understanding of the interplay between the different cell types during the development of cardiovascular disease. A key aspect of this work is the spectral X-ray imaging of the tissue using the MARS scanner. MARS imaging gives use the ability to see at high resolution the structure of the plaque without damaging the tissue. Students working on plaque would be trained in MARS imaging and would join the MARS research team. They would work closely with the Engineers and Software Specialist developing the MARS system. 


Supervisor: Steven Gieseg

Key qualifications and skills

Good understand of biochemistry and cell biology. Back ground in imaging or radiation physics would be very helpful

Does the project come with funding

Yes - consumable costs are covered

Final date for receiving applications



biochemistry; cell biology; X-ry imaging; pathology; clinical