Granular flows

Host Faculty: Engineering
General Subject Area: Chemical Engineering
Project Level: PhD
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Granular flows

Granular material is the second most common material encountered in chemical engineering after water. Despite this, our understanding of granular flows is still limited. Chemical engineering processes that rely on granular solid handling are frequently beset by delays to start up and rarely achieve their design potential. This project seeks to address these challenges by improving our fundamental understanding of granular material flows. We use a combination of advanced numerical modelling and experimental measurements to test models of granular flow dynamics.


Supervisor: Daniel Holland

Key qualifications and skills

A first class degree in Chemical engineering, Physics, or equivalent. Basic computer programming (in any language) and/or a willingness to learn the required skills.

Does the project come with funding

Yes - stipend and fees through competitive internal selection process. 

Final date for receiving applications



magnetic resonance; granular flow; high speed imaging; discrete element model; particle technology; fluid mechanics;