Crime and punishment in England

Host Faculty: Engineering
General Subject Area: Statistics and Data Science
Project Level: PhD
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The crime and punishment records of the Old Bayley (the Central Criminal Court of England and Wales) has been made digitally available and provide a wealth of information on the type of offences and types of punishment meted out for them for the past 5 centuries. Analysing such data can bring deep insights into socio-economic changes taking place over that period. This project will concentrate on identifying common and disparate trends in the time series provided. Bayesian Reversible jump MCMC allows one to fit models with a variable (unknown) number of parameters. Applying it to multivariate multinomial time series will constitute the statistical novelty of the project.


Supervisor: Elena Moltchanova

Key qualifications and skills

Bayesian statistics, MCMC algorithms, good programming skills (R preferred)

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Bayesian statistics