Biodegradable implant system for bone fracture fixation based on magnesium alloys

Host Faculty: Engineering
General Subject Area: Mechanial Engineering
Project Level: PhD
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Craniomaxillofacial bone fracture fixation devices are traditionally-designed from titanium or stainless steel that utilize mini-plates and mini-screws. Traditional plate/screw systems are inert in the body and remain until removed by secondary surgery, creating a significant cost burden for orthopedic health care worldwide.
The objective of the project is to produce a biodegradable plate system composed of a magnesium alloy that negates the requirements for secondary surgery. A focus of the project will be on novel mechanical designs and how these influence degradation profiles in vitro and in vivo. You will work with an experienced supervisory team, having a long track record of working in this field, and have access to an extensive suite of processing/fabrication and experimental test apparatus.


Supervisor: Mark Staiger

Key qualifications and skills

Student must have an honours bachelors degree in either mechanical, chemical, or materials engineering.

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materials; biomaterials; bone; implant; design; corrosion; magnesium