Applications of NMR spectroscopy in Chemical Engineering

Host Faculty: Engineering
General Subject Area: Chemical Engineering
Project Level: Masters
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Applications of NMR spectroscopy in Chemical Engineering

NMR spectroscopy is the leading technique in analytical chemistry in university laboratories, but its high cost, large size and complexity make it inaccessible in most industrial facilties. Recently, new advancements in the hardware have made it possible to perform NMR in a standard industrial analytical laboratory using an instrument that is compact enough to sit on a benchtop. However, these new, cheaper, benchtop instruments have a reduced effective resolution. We are developing new mathematical methods to facilitate the extraction of quantitative information from these benchtop instruments. We are exploring a wide variety of applications ranging from the analysis of food, through to the production of pharmaceuticals and characterisation of neutraceuticals. This project would explore the development of our methods for new applications.


Supervisor: Daniel Holland

Key qualifications and skills

A first class or high second class degree in chemical engineering, chemistry, or a related discipline.

Does the project come with funding

Yes - a stipend + fees are available through a competitive internal grant scheme. 

Final date for receiving applications



analytical chemistry; NMR spectroscopy; chemical analysis; reaction monitoring;