Additive Manufacture of Metal, Ceramic and Polymer Components Using Screen Additive Manufacturing

Host Faculty: Engineering
General Subject Area: Additive Manufacture (3D Printing)
Project Level: PhD
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Additive Manufacture of Metal, Ceramic and Polymer Components Using Screen Additive Manufacturing

The research aim is to use the locally developed 3D screen printing technology to fabricate metal components using a binder and wax support material. During the project, desirable metals (and alloys) will be investigated including commercially pure titanium, Ti64, Aluminium, stainless steel and copper. Based on the findings, the research will progress towards the characterisation and comparison of the physical and mechanical properties of the printed parts to those properties found in articles formed by conventional metal additive manufacturing (AM) techniques. This will require the complete understanding of the AM of metals and the screen additive manufacturing (SAM) process as well as the compatibility of dissimilar materials within the printed structure. Of particular importance will be the study of the interface between the wax as a support material and metal slurry as this determines the ultimate success of the printed structures. Manufacture of polymer and ceramic components using the SAM technique will also be studied.

Application examples include micro heat exchangers, microfluid devices, catalyst support structures and medical implants.

Please send your application and CV to:


Supervisor: Don Clucas

Key qualifications and skills

Minimum BE in Mechanical Engineering
Ideally Masters Degree
Journal Publications would help

The successful applicant shall show demonstrate experience/interest in the following:
• Additive manufacture
• Materials development and analysis
• Working with sound experimental procedures
• Publishing
• Working in a dynamic research environment with a skilled academic and technical team
• Hands on making and developing mechanical equipment

Does the project come with funding

Yes - A generous scholarship that includes study fees and stipend

Final date for receiving applications



Additive manufacture; 3D Printing; Screen Printing