A Critical Approach to Animal Assisted Interventions

Host Faculty: Arts
General Subject Area: Human Services, Sociology
Project Level: PhD
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A Critical Approach to Animal Assisted Interventions

Animal assisted interventions are increasingly being utilised by those in the human services and research shows that they can offer many benefits, from reducing depression and loneliness, to increasing social interaction and self esteem. However, in most places animal assisted interventions are not subject to a great deal of oversight and animals involved in them may suffer as a result. This project will adopt a critical approach toward animal assisted interventions with a view to understanding if, why, and how they may benefit humans and other animals while also considering if, why and how their use may contribute to embedded speciesism in our societies.


Supervisor: Nicola Taylor

Key qualifications and skills

  • Experience in qualitative research and/or interviewing.
  • Ability to work across various human and animal welfare sectors.

Does the project come with funding

No - Student must be self-funded.

Final date for receiving applications



critical animal studies; animal assisted interventions; animal assisted therapy; speciesism; human-animal violence links; veterinary social work