The master's thesis lifecycle

Enrolment, registration and monitoring (progress reports) of master's thesis students is managed by your Faculty/College.

You will need to address applications for changes to enrolment (e.g., from full-time to part-time study; a suspension or extension; changes in supervisors) to the relevant Faculty Dean.

Direct any queries regarding examination to Te Kura Tāura, who administer the examination of master's theses.

Compulsory stages of candidature

Enrolment establishes:

  • your proposed senior supervisor
  • your proposed research topic
  • expectations over frequency of meetings with proposed supervisors
  • that there are suitable resources available to support the proposed area of research

This is a very important document that sets up the process of student-supervisor interaction and completion. This document should be given a lot of thought and attention

Progress reports are required to:

  • report on achievements over the past six months
  • facilitate the planning of upcoming (6 monthly) milestones and aims
  • identify any issues for discussion

Effectiveness of these reports depends on:

  • taking seriously the process of reflection and planning
  • candid responses from all (students and supervisors)
  • a willingness to discuss and address any issues that arise through the process of reflection and planning

Your tasks:

  • ensure that you are enrolled and that your fees are up-to-date
  • submit to the Postgraduate Office: a PDF version of your thesis and the completed declaration form
  • International students - contact the Enrolments Team to discuss your visa situation

Optional stages of candidature

  1. Suspension of study
  2. Change of supervisor/topic/department
  3. Change between full-time and part-time study
  4. Study away from Christchurch
  5. Extension to submission date

Discuss these changes with your Senior Supervisor first, and contact your Faculty/Department Administrators or your school's Postgraduate Co-Ordinator to confirm the requirements for these changes.