Fleur Kay

'I love the natural curiosity, passion and excitement that children display in their learning...'

  • Fleur Kay

Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (Early Childhood)

Teacher, Auckland Point Kindergarten, Nelson

Fleur has had a varied and exciting career so far. Before even finishing her degree at UC, Fleur started working within an early childhood setting and she has not looked back. Now, having moved to Nelson, she works in the Infants and Toddlers area at Auckland Point Kindergarten.

Eleven years on from graduating at UC, Fleur still loves working in early childhood education.

‘I love the natural curiosity, passion and excitement that children display in their learning. It is such a great feeling to offer children experiences through play that foster their learning and development. Who knew learning could be so much fun!’

Fleur’s enthusiasm for early childhood teaching is clear, and she encourages others to consider it as a career.

‘I love working with tamariki/children and their parents and whānau!’ she says. ‘For anybody considering early childhood education: go for it! It is a very rewarding career.

‘The first years of a child's life is key for their future learning and being a part of that is a privilege - I can honestly say that I really enjoy my job!’

Keen to study in the Christchurch area, Fleur chose UC because it offered a qualification in Early Childhood Education at degree level.

‘At UC there are supportive lecturers and tutors, valuable teaching placements and valuable courses and lectures that really support your journey to becoming a quality teacher.

'I would definitely recommend UC as a great place to study.’

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