Harry Seagar

'My degree has brought my future into focus....'

  • Harry Seagar

Bachelor of Commerce in Strategy and Entrepreneurship


Tell us about your social enterprise.

Our family has a bach with a boutique, 1 acre vineyard. I decided to buy a year's worth of wine off them and do something groovy with it, so I started my own limited edition wine label. The label was created solely to raise awareness and donate profits to our partnering charities, Sea Cleaners and Kea Conservation Trust. We’ve been able to change peoples’ perspectives and managed to donate $800 so far.

Wow! How else have you tackled environmental issues?

For one of my marketing assignments we had to write a letter to an organisation addressing a negative impact of their business. I wrote a comprehensive letter to the UCSA (University of Canterbury Students’ Association) about the problems associated with giving out plastic, single use cutlery. They took my proposal on board and said, okay let's change to wood.

So as a student you were able to have a real effect?

Absolutely. The joint decision to switch to wooden cutlery will (over the next few years) save millions of single use plastics from ending up in landfill or worse, the ocean.

You're from Auckland – what made you choose UC?

I love the mountains so I wanted to stay close to them, and UC offered the perfect balance of everything I wanted.

What is your perfect balance?

It’s the classic “healthy body, healthy mind” stuff – eating well, exercising, getting into the outdoors and smashing my work when I get back. I think taking breaks in nature is incredibly important for personal motivation and wellbeing in our modern fast-paced environments.

What can you find to do outdoors near UC?

Adventure and a sense of freedom! Arthur's Pass is breathtaking. "Playground of the Gods" they call it, it’s so epic and so close. You've got your skiing, your trekking, your climbing. You’ve also got the ocean right there with stunning white sand beaches and the Port Hills which are just as amazing. You can surf, swim or jump on a bike. Some of my best memories have been made immersed in the outdoors with mates.

What does your degree mean for your future?

My degree has brought my future into focus. It has the potential to open doors and has exposed me to interesting subjects I didn't know existed before. While doing this I’m gaining a solid qualification and getting hands-on experience. Then of course there’s everything your degree teaches you indirectly. The life lessons learned, all the mates I’ve made and the fun I’ve had along the way. There’s endless opportunity at UC. What I really value is that it teaches you to live your life in a productive way.


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